Cirro flight management software experiences a surge of subscribers

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Corporate News, Press Release

Cirro’s parent company, AirSuite, is experiencing record-high onboarding and earnings in the first quarter. AirSuite now delivers software to the majority of Canadian helicopter operators and has become the Canadian rotary industry’s preferred flight operations management system and app. AirSuite, headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, is also reporting an increase in fixed-wing subscribers.

“We anticipated this rush of new Canadian clients with the new Flight Duty Times regulations coming into effect on December 12, but it’s surpassed our projections. We’ve exceeded our targets for the first two quarters of the year and we’re very happy to report that it’s projected to keep growing,” says Michael Kleywegt, CEO of AirSuite.

With double the number of clients, and higher than expected projections into 2023, Cirro by AirSuite is “a confident frontrunner in Canada,” says Kleywegt.

“We’re recruiting as a priority. We’re increasing the support and development teams to keep pace with the high-quality service our clients are accustomed to,” says Kleywegt. “For example, with more demand from the fixed-wing operators we’re now serving aircraft fleets that include De Havilland, Beechcraft, Metroliners, Cessna and Pilatus.”

This fall, AirSuite received industry membership from the Air Transportation Association of Canada (ATAC) and Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA).

Doug Carlson, COO of AirSuite, says the uptick is indicative of the overall industry boom; “Aviation is busier than it was in pre-pandemic peak times. The pandemic also accelerated cloud adoption, and our surge reflects those trends. We’re very proud to help busy operators get the job done safely and reliably. It’s definitely a milestone year here at AirSuite.”

About Cirro by AirSuite
We’re Canada’s preferred flight operations management system and a trusted and secure Electronic Flight Bag on the North American market. Established in 2015, our software is fully compliant with Transport Canada and international regulations. Cirro was developed with your entire operation in mind—built by pilots to meet the needs of operations managers, owners and administrative teams. Our software is in continuous, next-generation development backed by a team of professional developers with a focus on cybersecurity.

Cirro’s most popular features include Passenger Manifests, Safety Management System, Flight Duty Times, Weight and Balance, Flight Scheduling, Company Library and Certificate Tracking, and Invoicing. The system works across all devices including Apple, PC and Android, and integrates with flight maintenance systems, aircraft satellite trackers, learning management systems and fatigue risk management systems. To learn more, visit

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