by | Feb 15, 2018 | App Features

Several Cirro modules come equipped with SMS alerting functionality. For example, let’s say you forgot to close your itinerary after it expired. Cirro will send you a text reminder prompting you to properly close your open itinerary. Or maybe you’ve been added to a booking in the scheduler. In that case a text is sent to you with the appropriate booking details.

If you receive a text from Cirro and you’re not sure how to respond, simply type in “Commands” for a full list of accepted replies. Below is a full list of possible answers and the associated action.

Cirro SMS help

Close: Close an open itinerary in your name

Add #(1-9): Adds time to an open itinerary in your name. For example, Add #2 will add two hours to your itinerary.

Action [ident]: Will Action an overdue aircraft alert

Status: Displays the status of all company itinerary and aircraft

Ack all: Will acknowledge all previous booking messages

Ack [YYYY – MM- DD]: To acknowledge specific bookings only

Ack status: Will tell you how many outstanding bookings require acknowledgement

Commands: Displays this help message.