Flight Duty Times

Take a tour of Cirro, a complete mobile flight operations system built for helicopter and fixed wing operators to simplify regulatory compliance and flight planning processes.

Flight Duty Times

Flight Duty Time Tracking

Cirro provides pilot flight duty time tracking and management tools which allows pilots to update their duty times on and offline.  It is adaptable for all duty time restrictions including custom rules imposed by clients as well as both prescriptive and performance based requirements.

The mobile optimized interface allows pilots to link their duty times to specific aircraft that will provide detailed experience tracking for each aircraft type as well as currency information. Users can then generate a comprehensive experience report that can be downloaded as a pdf.

All duty time data automatically synchronizes with the service providing management staff with paramount oversight.

Cirro currently supports the following flight duty time rules:

  • Canada (604 Private Pilot, 702 Aerial Work, 703 Air Taxi, 704 Commuter Operations, 705 Airline Operations)
  • U.S (Part 91, Part 133 – External Load Ops, Part 135.267 – Non-Scheduled, Part 135.271 – HEMS, Part 137 – Agricultural Operation)
  • Australia (AU Non Ag, AU Aerial Ag)
  • Indonesia (CASR 135)
  • Kenya (Operation of Aircraft- Helicopter Regulations)