by | Apr 3, 2019 | Admin Tools, App Features

Essential Certificates

An essential memo or certificate is one which must be current or read to perform duties at work.

In the case of flight crew, this would include your Aviation Medical, Pilot License/Booklet, Annual Flight Training, etc. – In other words, any legally required training that accompanies your day to day job.

Essential certificates also take prominence in notifications of upcoming certificate expiries.

Essential Memos

Essential memos may include important safety notifications to your crew. Unread essential memos, and incomplete or expired essential certificates will be displayed in the fit to fly check when performing pilot self-dispatch, or when assigning the user to a booking in the scheduler.

A pilot can enable their own self dispatch fit to fly check by going into the personal preferences module and selecting the option at the bottom of the Personal Data tab.

Fit to fly checks will not stop the crew from going ahead with the dispatch or booking, but will advise them of their missing essential items.