Manage safety, compliance and risk with the latest version of Cirro

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Admin Tools, App Features

Manage safety, compliance and risk with the latest version of Cirro

Good news for all of you looking for better access control within the safety management module. The recent launch of Cirro 1.24.2 includes a variety of new SMS features as well as some other module updates.

Here’s a summary of the recent changes:

Safety Management

  • Corrective actions can now be assigned to any user, regardless of whether or not they belong to the department that the report was filed under. For example, a report can be filed under the operations department and the corrective action associated to someone in the management department.
  • Departments now have a safety officer. This user will receive a notification of any reports submitted that have their department tagged, or that were submitted by anyone in their department.
  • Safety reports can be restricted to specific users and user types. When a report is saved as a draft, only the user submitting can view or edit. However when a report is submitted, it becomes visible to everyone. Users can now control who has access to a report once it is submitted.
  • Admins can now add tasks to safety objectives that are tied to company policies. This provides a greater sense of accountability and goal tracking. For example, a company objective might be to use Cirro’s SMS company wide and one of the tasks could be to meet quarterly to review the implementation.
  • There is now an event history that displays who and when an action was taken. Once a report has been submitted, users can view the action history by navigating to view reports, selecting the appropriate report and scrolling down to the event history.

Flight Duty Time

Users can now enter flight times for multiple aircraft in a single day. Prior to this, pilots could only enter flight times for a single aircraft ident in a day.

Flight times can either be entered in manually or imported directly from one or more flight reports within a day.

When entering in flight times manually, click on the drop down menu and select the correct ident from the list. Select the ‘add aircraft for experience tracking’ button to add additional inputs for another aircraft.


Users can now view pilot flight duty times from the scheduler when adding staff to a booking. Once the staff options have been opened, the option to show pilot flight duty times will be available at the top of the table.

Access Control

We’ve expanded on the options for setting individual user permissions. Admin users can now toggle the option to edit and action itineraries. Flight followers can now edit and close pilot itineraries through the flight following module. Flight followers rejoice.

Added aircraft serviceability and hibernation options.

Users can now update the status of an aircraft to reflect if it’s in service. Previously an aircraft could only be added or removed. Users can update the status of an aircraft through the admin module -> aircraft maintenance -> aircraft list. With an aircraft selected, the ‘Aircraft is serviceable’ button can be toggled to reflect it’s availability.