Introducing the new Company Library

Meet Your New Company Library

We’re excited to announce the release of the newly redesigned Company Library module. It has a brand new interface, significant performance improvements, and a bevy of new features that enhance document control.

Better Performance

The new Company Library module is more performant and offers a comprehensive set of new features to make managing and accessing your company library faster and more reliable.

As a result, the Company Library is more flexible and easier to manage.

Require downloads and acknowledgements

Admin users can now toggle options that adjust whether a resource tagged to certain users will be automatically downloaded for offline use and whether users need to sign and acknowledge that they’ve read and comprehend the resource.

Assign users with tag sets

The Company Library tag set feature is an optional new way of assigning certain documents, certificates and memos to custom sets of users. Using tag sets gives you tighter control over who has access to what documents and will minimize unnecessary Company Library notifications.

The tag set training material outlines how tag sets are created and applied.

Better filtering options

In addition to any resources that are about to expire, admin users can quickly review who hasn’t yet completed their training or reviewed/acknowledged a document. Spend less time searching¬† and more time being productive.

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