by | Oct 20, 2017 | App Features

We’ve got new feature updates for you to try out. Below is a brief review of our most recent improvements.

Clickable Aircraft History Points
Users have always been able to review aircraft flight history in Cirro within the Maps & Charts module but now they can review multiple points within a flight path and get relevant information at different stages of the flight. In order to use this feature, go into the Maps and Charts module and click on the airplane icon, enable aircraft history and click on any of the available points to review the relevant info.

PDF Compatibility
Cirro now has the ability to add PDF forms and attach them to new or existing clients. Those attachments are then available in the flight itinerary process if a particular job/client is selected. How’s this useful? Let’s say a particular client requires a safety form that must be filled out before every flight. Users can access this form during the flight creation process simply by selecting that client. Users can also now upload receipts as PDF’s to be submitted for expenses. No JPEG, no problem.

Coordinate Systems
The Maps and Charts module has been updated and now includes multiple coordinate units. The coordinate system now includes DD, DMS, DDM, and UTM. Users can see this in a variety of functions within the Maps and Charts module, most notably in aircraft tracking and in creating waypoints.

Scheduler Enhancements
The scheduling tool now has a button to turn off notifications to prevent unnecessary alerts while changing bookings. Previously, all users directly related to a booking would be notified when changes to that booking were made. Now, you can toggle the notification alert in order to prevent unnecessary alerts until all changes have been completed.

Send SMS messages in Cirro
Users can now send SMS messages from Cirro to any SAT phone which is registered in the system. From the Maps and Charts module, click on any of the available aircraft and select the ‘Send SMS’ button to open the dialogue box.

Fuel Cache Change Log
Cirro’s new fuel cache change log is designed to improve data collection and accountability of your logged fuel caches. Review all fuel cache changes, who made them, and when they were made.

To learn more about Cirro or these features in detail, drop us an email.