by | Jul 22, 2017 | App Features



We know that when it comes to your electronic flight bag, there are several functions that are universally appreciated and utilized no matter the activity. One such function is the ability to work online and offline.

We realized that this was a shortcoming in our Scheduling Tool and set out to come up with a solution. In an effort to continuously provide you with tools to plan and coordinate various aircraft activities we’ve recently launched our new Scheduler with modified offline functionality.

What’s Changed?

Clicking on the Scheduler Tool while offline, you’ll notice in the left corner the read only text beside the module title. This indicates that the user is offline and is currently using the modified version of the tool.

The offline functionality means that you can view bookings that you are assigned to, review booking details, assigned staff, contact info, aircraft assignment, conflict / booking status, and any additional attachments.

The new update ensures that you always have access to important information so that you can plan and coordinate with or without internet.

The new Scheduler has been released and is now available. Next time you are offline, check for the Scheduler from the main navigation and stay current with all booked activities.